Gulf Agency Company GAC


Gulf Agency Company, one of the world's leading marine services provider, desired to reform Gulf Corporate Academy’s (GCA) eLearning courses in order to increase employee engagement and retention.



To make GCA eLearning courses interactive and visually appealing while reducing the response time of the learning objects included in each course.


We provided consultation services, to assist Gulf Corporate Academy with the redesign of their in-house eLearning courses. It was developed an interactive eLearning strategy, from adding simple drag and drop interactions to turning static presentations, documents and assessments into interactive eLearning modules. The selection of an appropriate authoring tool was a prerequisite for the process. An additional challenge was that GCA’s training needed to be tracked and logged, therefore the authoring tool needed to produce SCORM compliant training that will be integrated with their LMS without taking too much time to respond. We worked with a plethora of authoring tools in order to provide sample modules and demos to the client while testing the response time of the SCORM produced files. The deliverables of this work was 1) a final report that is now informing the creation of an interactive virtual classroom environment and the enhancement of GCA’s learning and development strategy as a whole and 2) the development of a flagship eLearning module which sets the standard of what ‘good’ looks like for GCA and provides a blueprint for the subsequent modules to be developed in-house.


The GCA eLearning courses’ redesign which we helped with our recommendations have been really well received. We’ve achieved to improve employee engagement and retention in GCA courses while improving their assessment scores. The GCA team is now able to create high quality interactive eLearning content in-house, saving over 50% in production time while they can update content in their LMS without having to re-upload SCORM files. We believe that a key factor in this success was the partnership established between ourselves and the GCA team. GCA have also engaged us to provide further consultancy regarding their technical infrastructure and the planning and project management involved in the creation of digital learning in-house.

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