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Mobile Learning

Learning that goes where your employees go.

M-learning can serve as a facet of your overall training strategy but, to be effective, it must be used appropriately.
  • Do your employees in the field need refreshers on-demand?
  • Do you want to keep your associates on the floor, yet still deliver training they need?
  • Does your staff keep missing important messages or reminders?
Begin by examining your need, and keep m-learning in mind as a solution. Identify people whose jobs already depend on mobile devices. These groups will be more prepared to take advantage of your m-learning offerings. The mobile platform offers convenience and a good fit for on-the-go learners.
There is a common belief that mobile learning involves making an e-learning course work on mobile devices. This is true, but only partially. Mobile learning content is more than just desktop e-learning in miniature. While there still is a place for mobile versions of e-learning courses, it is dying out fast.

And… What comes next?

Android or iPhone? Flash or HTML5? These are important decisions, but even more critical (and key to helping you make the right choices) is making sure you have a solid mobile learning strategy. With so many devices, operating systems, and technologies available and primed for launch, having a clear idea of your needs will help you choose the right path.

Our dedicated team of mobile experts understand mobile learning inside out, from design to technical considerations and the user experiences unique to each client. This ensures our mobile content is fully optimized for all devices, giving learners the most interactive, user-friendly experience possible. We not only develop mobile content from scratch, but also convert existing e-learning content into mobile suitable courses. Our mobile solutions include

  • HTML-based Content
  • Responsive Content Design
  • Learning Videos
  • Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Learning Games

    Whether it’s through native apps, browser ready, or through private distributions, we’ll make sure your final mobile learning solution works exactly how and where you need it, when you need it.

    See some Mobile learning examples in action

    • Learning in short bursts; examples of this could include micro-learning modules that learners can take at their own time and pace, such as a video explaining negotiation basics for learners to go through before a face-to-face session.
    • Spaced retrieval and distributed practice; amazing tools for beating the ‘forgetting curve’, distributed practice sessions could include repeated reinforcement of concepts covered in a formal learning module, in the form of case studies, quizzes or mini-games sent out to learners at regular intervals.
    • Just-in-time performance support; these could include job aids that are made available in the moment of need, such as a brief note on the features of a product that a sales person can refer to before meeting a customer.
    • Triggered action planning; these are pro-active prompts to urge users to perform their job in a certain desired way; for example, a safety warning that pops up on the user’s device when she approaches a certain area in a manufacturing plant

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