eCourses Academy is an learning platform that was created by Mathemagenesis to enable teachers, trainers, and training professionals create, host and sell their courses online.



To create a powerful and user-friendly elearning platform for course creators that will include: Teaching tools, course management, eCommerce capabilities, activity reports, earnings reports, printable certificates and a lot more!


Mathemagenesis’ learning solution was the eCourses Academy. eCourses Academy is a Drupal-Moodle integration that was created by leveraging Moodle’s recourses and tools and Drupal’s seamless user experience, advanced reporting and e-commerce capabilities. The custom work focused on the following specific areas:

  • Single Sign On (SSO) - One set of login details for Drupal and Moodle.
  • User Synchronization - This keeps relevant information - such as user data - up to date and synchronized between Moodle and Drupal.
  • eCommerce Integration - Drupal Moodle eCommerce integration.
  • Auto-Enrollment - When a course or course package is purchased it is automatically made available to the learner.
  • Earning reports – Powerful reporting for instructors’ earnings.

Mathemagenesis applied a philosophy of staying as close to core-code wherever possible by developing customization as ‘plugins’ to Moodle and Drupal. This makes ongoing maintenance and upgrades much more straightforward, equating to a lower total cost of ownership.


Most of the complexity was ‘under the hood’ with the front-end delivering a great user journey, the ability to browse and buy courses online and producing reports for instructors earnings. Learners can buy and attend courses with a seamless journey between website and learning environment. With 40 courses already available, and more in development, eCourse Academy is of the biggest eLearning portals in the Greek market. With less or more customization this solution can be used as a learning portal for schools, companies or other institutions that desired to have a CMS, LMS and eCommerce platform all in one place.


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