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When the solution’s time to market is critical to meeting the business need, rapid development is a good strategy. Launching critical policy and procedural changes and addressing regulatory requirements or feedback are examples of these types of business drivers.

The key to a successful rapid development solution is creating a templatized approach for the entire project lifecycle—from gathering content to designing interactivity and using development tools. Rapid e-learning is characterized by short development cycles, concurrent design and development, and pre-built graphics and templates.

Using our Rapid Authoring Services, organizations convert learning content to 'e' format without too much investment of time and money. Whether it is a PowerPoint Presentation or a PDF Manual, we can quickly convert it into interactive e-learning using appropriate authoring tools.

Rapid authoring tools provide the solution to develop learning content for immediate training needs. Courses that need to be updated or upgraded more often, like Product Trainings or Technology Trainings, can also be developed effectively using these tools.

We also support internal teams on rapid elearning projects, which can include:

Authoring Tool

Selecting the right rapid authoring tool


Developing templates and content


Training your team


Acting as extra capacity – from creating animations to builds

Multi-functional teams

With our multi-functional teams, iterative processes, and quick turnarounds, we can design learning that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, but is still effective and engaging.


Open channels of communication and a high level of commitment from all parties are essential for success.

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