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Custom elearning is designed specifically for your needs and tailored to your context and your audience. It can also be called bespoke elearning or custom courseware in some countries. Whatever the word - it's about getting it exactly right for you.

At Mathemagenesis, we live and breathe e-learning, and we partner with you from start to finish. We gain an understanding of your business drivers, your technology environment, and your audience. We identify what your learners need to know or do at the end of the day, and we craft solutions that fit your budget and meet your deadline. Then we get to work. If you need innovative and effective online learning, look no further. We are masters of design and development. As our clients — your peers — will attest, we deliver e-learning that exceeds what you envision and gets your learners excited for more.

The key is an elearning experience that feels completely authentic to your learners – created just for them. You want it on brand, and in your tone of voice. And of course, you want a great design experience that’s completely tailored to your requirements to achieve the results you care about. We firmly believe successful e-learning courses must:
  • Enhance the learner's motivation (desire) to learn
  • Focus the learner on behavior-enhancing tasks
  • Create Meaningful and Memorable learning experiences which transfer to effective job performance

Our services cover a variety of solutions ranging from high-end interactive scenarios and simulations, gamified interfaces, bite-sized learning nuggets, and slick animations and videos, to simple quick reference sheets and job aids, so don’t hesitate to see if we can collaborate on your e-learning projects. Our broad skillset and experience might surprise you!

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