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Gamification is a hot topic right now, to say the least. Despite the buzz around gamification, you might be wondering: Why gamify? Can games be used effectively in the business world? Engaging activities, interesting content, great presentation – these are sometimes not enough to impart certain skills to learners. In such cases, learners need an immersive, real-life environment in which to ‘safely’ practice the desired skills. The answer to such situations is games and simulations.

With gamification, we’re using game-based thinking, aesthetics, and mechanics to engage people, motivate action, promote learning, and solve problems. Our immersive simulations put learners in a virtual work environment where they practice, learn from mistakes, and get real-time coaching.

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Here at Mathemagenesis, we develop highly immersive, engaging, visually appealing and entertaining games and simulations. Everything from a simple problem to solve in order to unlock the next unit in the eCourse to full virtual reality worlds to explore, we have harnessed this powerful learning medium to drive learning impact. The key to the success is to balance playability, entertainment, and education.


And it is not just the learning environment than can be gamified it is also the content. Content can be developed at two levels:

  • Content gamification, which changes and re-aligns the content so that it is presented along with a gamified narrative; for example, a simulation that teaches team building skills

  • Structural gamification, which just adds gamification elements to pre-existing content; examples could the addition of points, badges and leaderboards in a course to encourage completion and mastery

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If you are looking for a partner who can dig in, get creative, and guide you through this process without giving you gray hair, just give us a call. We live for these projects.

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