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Virtual Instructor Led Training

Can’t get everyone in the same room? Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) offers a cost-saving alternative to traditional classrooms.
If your company or organization offers some kind of in-house training to its staff, then the Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) maybe the right choice for you. VITL blends the qualities of the instructor-led classroom with the convenience of the virtual online classroom by helping you shrink travel budgets and other costs without compromising quality.
No more calling the learners to the training room for every update, refresher and assessment. Deliver knowledge pills, product updates, news, regulatory and compliance requirements in minutes. Keep staff on the toes with periodic assessments, quizzes and knowledge checks. Get clear picture of product and sales force performance with feedback campaigns and surveys.
Moreover, VILTs can act as core events within a blended learning programme, as they can be used to:
  • Introduce the overall programme
  • Supplement or replace face-to-face (F2F) training sessions
  • Enable subject matter experts to share their knowledge and expertise (with the chance for learners to ask questions along the way)
  • Host virtual learning sets making it easy for people to brainstorm issues with peers
  • Sustain participation within an overall blended programme, encouraging learners to return and share insights / action learning with peers and experts.
  • With appropriate delivery techniques and activities as well as video, multimedia, and visually appealing and interactive content learners benefit from the group dynamic and peer-based learning.
    Our VILT team develop instructor-led learning material including Presentations, Instructor & Participant Guides, User Manuals, Job Aid, Video, Audio and other multimedia content. We can also train your teams to design and deliver effective VILTs through webinars and workshops. We thus help standardize VILT delivery and achieve better results from your training.

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