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Much of the learning we do is social

Learning is a remarkably social process. Social groups provide the resources for their members to learn. Advice from an experienced leader, or watching a colleague demonstrate best practice, or reading/writing reviews can have a significant impact on an individual and their ability to perform better.

But how social learning can practically be enabled within an organization?

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy
In our pockets we carry devices that can connect us not only to billions of living people but also with the digital traces they have left and the things they have shared, and with much of the accumulated knowledge of our forebears. Not only can we connect with people and their products but we can also connect with their aggregates—groups, organizations, companies, institutions, networks, communities, nations, and cultures.

The major reason for learning online with others is that, with every connection, direct and indirect, comes the opportunity to learn, and learning happens in many of these interactions. Almost every search on Google, visit to a page on Wikipedia or a how-to site is an act of intentional learning, one that is only possible because many people have, intentionally or otherwise, acted on our behalf as teachers or experts. Meanwhile, a vast amount of intentional and unintentional learning is facilitated every day through posts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and countless other social services.

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy

The “social” attribute comes from the fact that they acquire their value when used by two or more people. Social tools may afford direct or indirect forms of interaction: their purposes can vary from enabling communication to collaborative discovery, cooperative sharing, and more.

Mathemagenesis has a wealth of experience supporting informal and social learning approaches to create a flourishing knowledge network within your organization. We support clients from initial strategy design through to providing the tools and interventions required to fully embed social learning.

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